Zeyi Liu

Hello! My name is Zeyi (Lucia) Liu. I’m a senior at Columbia University studying Computer Science and Applied Math. My research interest lies in Robotics and Computer Vision. More specifically, I’m interested in robot learning for versatile manipulation, with the assitance of knowledge inferred from visual data and inspiration taken from human cognitive science. My ultimate vision is a world where personal robots are as common as laptops, when you can have a robot butler/maid help you cook, make beds, fold clothes, care for elders and children etc. If you are interested in these things as well, feel free to contact me and discuss!


I discovered my passion for research through several rewarding projects.

Environmental Science & CS

I worked in the Atmospheric Decomposition Group with Professor Róisín Commane, researching on methods to facilitate environmental science research with software engineering.

Security & ML

I worked in Professor Suman Jana’s security group with Dr. Yizheng Chen. I ran MalGAN on PDF malware classifiers trained with different robustness properties. The results are hosted on GitHub here.


I work in Columbia AI and Robotics lab (CAIR) with Professor Shuran Song on robot causal reasoning and object manipulation.


I enjoy teaching and I’ve been working with Professor Tony Dear as a teaching assistant for his AI class and Robotics class at Columbia.


I love coding for good and solving real world problems. I worked twice at Google as an intern. Here’s an open-source project I built during my first internship, called EasyLinks.


I’m currently the academic chair of Columbia Womxn in Computer Science (WiCS). We aim to promote diversity in both CS industry and academia. Every year, we organize the CU GHC scholarship, NetWiCS, DivHacks, etc. Check out more here!