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Zeyi Liu 刘泽怡
liuzeyi at cs dot columbia dot edu

Hi, I'm a first-year Computer Science PhD student at Columbia University. My work focuses on developing methods for embodied agents to better understand diverse environments and plan for complex tasks. I'm particularly interested in robots that are able to assist humans in household environments.

I'm fortunate to be advised by Professor Shuran Song. My research will focus on robot manipulation and computer vision.

I would love to explore new things as driven by my curiosity. I recently picked up sailing as a hobby while I was spending my summer in Boston.

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BusyBot: Learning to Interact, Reason, and Plan in a BusyBoard Environment

Zeyi Liu ,Zhenjia Xu ,Shuran Song
Conference on Robot Learning (CoRL), December 2022
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Teaching & Outreach

I hold a passion for teaching and empowering minorities in academia/tech.